Private Viewing/Gaming Party

Host your own private movie screening for up to 20 guests! Laughing with friends and family and enjoying a movie or gaming competition in the privacy and comfort of your own auditorium. Renting a theatre auditorium is a fun and safe way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, date nights or to reconnect with friends and family.  For more information see FAQs




*additional guests may be allowed at $5.00-$7.50 per guest based on auditorium capacities and restrictions. No outside food or drink is allowed.

For corprate or large rentals see our Rental Page Here



Q: What is a Private Viewing/Gaming Party?
A: A Private Viewing/Gaming Party –(Bring Your Own) allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a movie theatre auditorium but with your own gaming console! Bring your game system from home and host a private gaming competition in your own auditorium for up to 20 guests.  Additional guests are $5 (or min $5 concession spend) up to capacity limits.  We provide the HDMI hook up.  


Q: How much does it cost?

A: A Private Gaming party is $120 for 20 guests each additional guest is $5.00 with your content.   To privately view one of our currently playing Hollywood films is $160 for up to 20 guests with additional charges of $5-$8 per extra guest over 20 depending on title/time and capacity limits.  We also have a party room to use before or after your movie where you can open presents or gather for a snack.  


Q: How long will my theatre be reserved for my Private Watch Party – Bring Your Own?
A: Your private auditorium will be reserved up to 2 hours for gaming or the lenth of the movie you have arranged.


Q: What should I do before arriving at the theatre for my Private Watch Party?
A: If gaming make sure your gaming system is capable of using an HDMI plug.  Make sure your port is configured properly and your content plays.  This will prevent delays in your start time and setup.


Q: What should I do when I arrive at the theatre?
A:  Plan to have your whole party arrive at least 15 minutes early.  This will ensure your have enough time to purchase concessions and to make sure your Private Gaming Party gets set up so you will get to enjoy your whole 2 hour private auditorium rental. 

- Present your confirmation email to the manager and let them know how many guests are in your group.

- If gaming the manager will give you the HDMI plug to connect to your game console. Gaming is offline mode and for personal enjoyment only.

- No outside food or drink is allowed.